Cosplay is for Every Body Support List

This is not the end all, be all list of supporters, since it’s growing all the time, so if you know someone who should be on this list or you yourself want to be included, please let me know (for example, I live in Minnesota, so there’s a high possibility that I missed any groups that center around a particular state)

These are people I either watch or know personally, or who I have seen speak out about cosplay being something that should include everyone, period. This list features a wide variety of individuals who have been supportive in the community 🙂

Brichibi Cosplays (me)

KuramaBabe Kirkland

Akiko Kawaii 

Sweets4aSweet Cosplay

Teh Princess Cosplay


Twin Fools and his Youtube channel


Jay Justice

Silver Star Cosplay

Dragonmaster Blaine

Raquel Cosplay

Pozer Ninja Cosplay 

Parle Productions

Essie Cosplay (writer for Geek Eccentric)

Strange Land Costuming (made my very first cosplay)

Verssen Werks

Dizzylizzy Costuming


Maki Roll’s Chop Shop (author of the article, “I’m a Black Cosplayer and I’m just as Good as Other Cosplayers)

Princess Mentality Cosplay (author of the article, “I’m a Black Female Cosplayer and Some People Hate It)

Misa on Wheels

Daikon Cosplay

Infinite Sky Cosplay

Chocolate Covered Cosplay

Midnight Pursona (and the piece that was written)


Facebook Groups to Watch

The Royal Sisterhood

Plus Sized Cosplay (Only Sizes 14+)

Plus Sized Cosplayers in the USA

Minnesota Cosplayers

Plus Sized Cosplay Appreciation

Cosplay Worldwide

Geek Eccentric

Cosplayers Against Bullying

Just Love; Cosplay

Liquor, Games, and Fuckin’ Video Games (has a Curvy Wednesday):

Cosplay: It Unites Us

Be The Minority

The Curvy Geek

Cosplay is NOT Consent


Tumblr Groups to Watch

Fuck Yeah Fat Positive

Chubby Bunnies

Body Positive Cosplay Appreciation

Fuck Yeah Fat Cosplay

Cosplaying While Black

Cosfluff 101

Cross-Race Cosplay

Sassy Chubbies

Cosplaying While Trans



Curvy Cosplay Magazine (coming soon in print!)

Love Cosplay Magazine


Non-Cosplay Support

The Big Girl Blog: Tales of a Plus Sized Princess in New York City

Chunky Girl Comics

Tess Munster

Plus Size Modeling

Geek Slink (bellydancing)

Scoundrelle’s Keep (clothing)

It Gets Better Project

Erin Lane


Articles to Read

It Happened to Me: I’m a Plus-Size Cosplayer

I’m a Black Cosplayer and I’m Just as Good as Other Cosplayers

I’m a Black Female Cosplayer and Some People Hate It

I’m Demanding Better Representation for Black Girl Nerds in Geek Culture

Dear Insecure/Unsure Cosplayer


Videos to Watch

Even Kids think Everyone Should Cosplay


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